Not sure if you've got KitKat, Oreos or some Jellybean & Pie?

What is my Android version displays your Android device's OS version, screen resolution, pixel ratio and device model name/number (if present).

Full list of reported details (where available):

  • Android version
  • Browser version
  • Device model number
  • Device name and manufacturer
  • Estimated screen size in real pixels
  • Screen size in CSS pixels
  • CSS device pixel ratio

  • Device model number is a manufacturer's code for that specific model of phone or tablet.

    Device name is the more well-known name of the device.

    For example, you can identify an Amazon Fire Stick's model & generation from these details, or e.g. a specific model of Samsung phone.

    Note: Some unbranded, inexpensive Android devices can report fake details such as Android version, available storage, CPU type etc. If you suspect a device is showing incorrect information, the screen pixel resolution can be compared against the claimed specs., since this is usually accurate and can't easily be faked.

    In addition, "What is my Android Version?" will attempt to flag suspicious model numbers with warning text (experimental).

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